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Name: Cat
Age: 17
Location: Sunny Florida
Your Stereotype: Short little Puerto Rican girl.. But don't hurt my feelings or I'll beatchu up.
Your Style: I really enjoy Hollister jeans, but Forever21 has some of the best shirt, topped with a denim jacket and sandals or sneakers.
Your Music: Anything that doesn't suck. A lot of local bands, I love supporting the local music scene. Basically stuff along the lines of Something Corporate or Spill Canvas. I'm a sucker for piano or acoustic guitar.
Your Hobbies: Painting, playing piano or guitar, my best friend and I are starting a ska band, and being a leader in my church's youth group.
Your Favorite Thing and Why: A teddy bear I've had since I was Pre-Natal. I gave him a mohawk when I was 5. His name is Bunky. And I don't care how ratty he gets, when I have a kid I'm giving it to him/her. Cuz he rocks.
Your Favorite Movie and Why: Oh gosh.. Garden State. It just.. every one of the characters has a flaw that reminds us of ourselves, and in a way brings it to our attention and makes us confront it as the characters confront theirs.
Your Favorite Role Model and Why: My ex boyfriend Jonathan. He has to be one of the most driven, dedicated, talented people I've ever met. He's one of my best friends, and even though we're not going out, I'll always love him and always look up to him.
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