Think you're gorgeous?

I think NOT. Let us be the judge.

Flaunt it or admit you're not one of the elite.
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ONLY ACCEPTED MEMBERS CAN TAKE PART IN THE VOTING PROCESS. ...and after the first picture, use the LJ CUT.

Ok. The purpose of this quick summary is to describe how this community works. to be accepted as part of our elite few, you must flaunt your stuff, but we don't go by just looks, we go by your personality too. You have to have both. To be judged, you need to do the following:

1) PERSONALITY TEST...Submit to the group in the form of a post the survey to follow. Do not post your pictures yet!

Your Stereotype:
Your Style:
Your Music:
Your Hobbies:
Your Favorite Thing and Why:
Your Favorite Movie and Why:
Your Favorite Role Model and Why:

2)Wait to see if you approved or not to proceed on to the next round...

3) VANITY TEST...If you are approved to proceed to the next round, it is time to post your pictures. Your pictures will then be judged. You will be accepted or rejected. If you are rejected, since you obviously have a personality that is liked, you will be given a second chance to post pictures and get accepted. Only two tries, that is it.

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